Bodegas Bórbore - Aya Syrah Bodegas Bórbore - Aya Syrah
Bodegas Bórbore - Aya Syrah



100% Malbec


Harvest 2016

Tasting notes

Deep purple-black in colour, with heady aromas of red cherries and black pepper. The palate is rich and inviting with ripe forest fruits and sweet smoky, mineral flavours typical of the terroir. Long lasting and resilient tannis that give a long finish. Time in cellar: between 3 to 5 years.

Food Pairings

It accompanies very well pastas with fungi sauce and Argentine typical meats such as the goat and the lamb.


This Premium line is a tribute to the earth, soul of our wines. Aya is the result of a careful process of elaboration to extract the original essence of each varietal, which reaches its point of maturity at different times. In the begging of January Malbec and Syrah are harvested in Zonda Valley, at 900 meters above sea level; after that, during the last days of February, they are harvested in Tulum Valley at 600 meters high, providing fruity notes and sweet and soft tannins. Finally, during the second half of April, at more than 1,200 meters high the grapes are harvested in the Pedernal Valley, offering deep violet colours, aromatic notes of fresh fruit, menthol and spices, accompanied by a delicate tannin and freshness in the mouth. As a result, Aya offers an intense, sophisticated wine with great personality, which fuses the outstanding characteristics of each varietal with complex aromas contributed by aging in oak.